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Choose the SPE that suits your needs! We have lengthy and well varied experience with regards to contamination source detection and production process issues for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries.

With our highest-end systems we support scientific research for pharmaceutical development and microbiological institutes.

Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation For filtration and routine enumeration, USP <788> or ISO 8871 you can use any standard filter such as cellulose nitrate 25 mm or 47 mm filter patches and similar type of membranes. To identify particles as small as 5 Ám with imaging led Raman spectroscopy we suggest the use of the dedicated gold-coated filtr.AID membranes.


Particle Counter

SPE-ls CSS measures the number, shape, and size of particles ranging from1-40000 Ám on filter membranes. This device provides reproducable results using fully automated image acquisition and analysis/documentation units. Regulatory compliance - with USP <788>, ISO 8871-3:2004.


Foreign Particles in Parenterals & Medical Devices

SPE-ls raman.ID The fully automated SPE-ls raman.ID system determines the chemical composition of particles ranging from 5 Ám and larger. The intuitive software control obtains statistically relevant information after a short introductory training period. Simply insert the sample, select the relevant particle shape and size parameters, and then allow the automated system to identify the elemental distribution at a throughput rate of 50 - 300 particles per hour.


SPE-ls raman.ID + metal.ID enables you to determine chemical elements as well as chemical structure information using Raman Spectroscopy for particles from 2 Ám and larger at a rate of thousands per hour. For the first time two orthogonal spectroscopy technologies can identify unknown particle material. Thanks to the intuitive software control, you can obtain statistically relevant information after 2 days introductory training period. Simply insert the sample, select the relevant particle size and shape, then allow the system to identify the exact chemical composition and elemental distribution at a throughput rate of 300-6000 particles per hour.


Particle Identification @ 500 nm

SPE raman.ID biopharma is designed for the fast and reliable identification of particles and agglomerates recovered from biopharmaceutical intrinsic particles. The particle size ranges from 1-10 Ám. In an area as highly sensitive as biopharmacy, it is crucial to shorten analysis time to streamline the development of the most advanced biopharmaceutical drugs. The system is suited to perform both enumeration and particle size distribution of filtr.AID in just 5 minutes and Raman identification of single 1 Ám particles in just 1 - 3 seconds each.


Microbes and Bacteria
Micro Bio Identification

Micro Bio ID 0.5 (BPE) The Bio Particle Explorer (BPE) delivers fast and reliable identification of single bacteria, germs, and micro-particles. It is able to prove and identify the viability of a single microorganism. It ensures sterility in pharmaceuticals during sterile production and in aerospace technologies during assembly. The BPE, using unparalleled technology, can identify a microbial strain of micro-contamination from a single germ. Painstaking steps have been eliminated so that every user can quickly determine the entire bacteria count and the hazardous potential of such germs.