Material Analysis of Particles larger than 0.5 Ám:

Single Particle Explorer (SPE) model range Industrial (SPE-i), Forensics (SPE-f) and Life & Sciences (SPE-ls) enable you to reliably determine the chemical composition, number, shape and size, of particles larger than 0.5 µm.

Choose the solution that fits your parameters and applications best. We have a number of services including: component technical cleanliness, foreign particle identification in parenterals and Medical Device, and many more.

Particle Contamination

We have combined membrane filtration and with several spectroscopic methods to identify particles. Automated Raman Spectroscopy identifies organic particles while Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) identifies all inorganic and metal particles. These technologies can be used seperately or in combination to identify all particles in a production process.

The Single Particle Explorer leads directly to Contamination Sources in production processes and Quality Control:

Sterile pharmaceuticals (parenterals)

Oral nasal and inhalable drugs


Medical device and implants


Component cleanliness

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